Frequently Asked Online Marketing Company Questions

Our FAQ page answers several popular questions our Columbia-based online marketing company receives on digital marketing strategy

Content is anything that communicates with your audience. Using content to assist a business meet a marketing aim is called content marketing. Attracting new consumers, maintaining current consumers, increasing public knowledge of your business, or something else Content can be found in every email, post, article, and website.

Content marketing helps raise income, while helping your sales execute on autopilot. Conventional marketing offers you less control over discussions with your target audience. It will boost your brand’s visibility and repute. Social media content marketing has a compounding ROI, and your audience usually expands as a result of it. Content marketing will increase your search rankings, while growing your retargeting audience will bring more traffic to your website.

People enjoy videos as much as text-based material, and that is why they work well in your content marketing approach. 53% of the population would like to see more videos in the future. Since individuals are more likely to watch video material than they are to watch other content, your video material is more likely to be viewed by your target audience. To have them engage with your brand and buy from you, you’ll be helping to expand their audience.

Behind The Scenes

Show them the ins and outs of your brand so they can better understand you and your customers.


Social storytelling or stories is a terrific method to be real and encouraging while yet requiring you to be creative in how you connect. On the top of the users’ screens, it’s better to use an app’s location than a newsfeed.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos that give sensory stimulation can help cut through the clutter. For business providing difficult products or services, movies like these are great for further explaining their concepts. Use eye-catching graphics and animations to be more imaginative with your product or service presentations.

Go Live

Live videos have extremely high reach. Facebook Live sessions get 10 times the amount of comments of ordinary videos. In live videos, people generally spend 3 to 3.5 times as much time watching. Don’t use videos when replying to inquiries from followers or introducing a new product or service.

Digital Advertising

Start with Facebook and/or Google. Accounting for 80% of all referral traffic, these two sites dwarf all other routes put together. YouTube is an effective channel too.

People search Google for relevant terms such as ‘plumber near me’ and ‘local plumber’. You’ll be bidding on keywords that lead to highly relevant sales interactions based on people’s search queries and intent. Returning the most relevant and up-to-date results benefits Google. Thus, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to support ad spend using Google.

The people you target will see your Facebook posts in their newsfeeds. You can make investments of any size and reach thousands of people. It’s a social network, thus they know a lot about your target audience due to their regular behavior data gathering. They’ve become the most successful and highly targeted advertising platform accessible today.

YouTube view time is the most significant measure. They act like conventional television by running advertising in videos and occasionally during videos. their goal is to keep you watching videos online Disruptive, yet YouTube adverts are still necessary. For increased effectiveness, you may target advertising based on the YouTube channels your audience like, the kind of videos they stream, and what they’re looking for.

Social media is unavoidable. Your customers are using social media to talk about you, your business, and your industry. Do you realize? It’s important to keep track of online dialogues as well as maintaining your presence with your customers, enabling you to influence, communicate, and sell to them.

It’s true. Nevertheless, email marketing at The Digital Marketing Company of Columbia requires sending emails whenever a new blog post is produced. Having deals or offers means far more than just giving out email updates.

With our aid, you will understand the kinds of emails you will send, when you will send them, and which promotions you will run to reach out to your readers. Your email marketing campaign will use three types of emails.

Transactional – for the purpose of delivering customer support.

Relational – to communicate and nurture relationships with subscribers.

Promotional – for the intent of growing sales.

A prospect becomes a client from the point at which they are promoted. As the prospect follows this path, their lifetime worth improves, bringing greater profits to your business. It’s the value journey, as a result. To speed the process, you use email.

In any organization, SEO provides higher closing and conversion rates than any other source. Due to this, SEO is focused on users’ intent rather than the primary function of drawing users’ attention. Leveraging SEO, people are actively searching for your products and services. SEO methods that don’t lead to leads call for a revamp. Your market share is being threatened by a local competitor.

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