Our Columbia, MD based social media marketing agency can help you reach your customers and prospects by making your content go viral on various social media platforms, where they spend most of their time online.

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Many businesses in Columbia, MD use our social media marketing agency because of the results they've had.

Marketing on social media these days encompasses so much more than merely posting material with the aim of getting likes and shares. Before you can effectively influence, network, and sell to consumers, you must be able to properly listen, influence, and sell to prospects. Allow The Digital Marketing Company of Columbia to guide you through the process of operating a successful social media campaign by utilizing our various social media marketing services. Regardless of the type of brand, a solid social media strategy is critical. Many firms with less financial backing would use social media tools without really considering the intended goals or motivations that drove their decisions to select a specific social media platform.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

When we help you put together social media marketing campaigns for your business, we guarantee that you have a plan in place and a clear idea of what will work for you. Including the discovery and research of your target market, as well as testing and evaluating specific social media channels of choice, as well as having a clear plan, with features like an editorial calendar, to help you keep track of your project’s milestones and the achievement of campaign objectives.

Additional Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Platform Specific Services

Distinct social media platforms are radically different from one another, yet they do share a few points of resemblance. It is quite probable that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with more than a billion users. Depending on your target audience, other notable networks include Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, as well as LinkedIn, all of which might serve your target demographic. When we consider your ideal customer at The Digital Marketing Company of Columbia, we examine the different social media networks your products or services can reach. With regard to LinkedIn, a B2B company is more likely to realize the benefits of the site than a luxury brand built for millennials. Once you know which networks your consumers use, we assist you find them. Then create a strategy that is based on the preferred distribution channels.

Branding and/or Creation Of Social Media Profiles

Technology has advanced, and social networks have become more sophisticated as a result. Platforms continuously change their methods of operation, incorporating new features, and in some cases altering the size of profile branding elements on a daily basis. Companies today need to apply similar principles in their appearance, name, and messaging when marketing on social media because each of their social media profiles is an extension of their brands' online presence. Our team will construct your social media profiles for you, ensuring they not only match your present offline and online presence, but also personalized for each channel to ensure you're giving your clients and potential clients the best version of your small business.

Content Creation & Marketing Services

While content writing and graphic design can build creative assets that increase awareness and engagement with your brand on social media, our video production and animation team can use those assets to produce new content for social media marketing. Our designers are in charge of creating visuals that make use of any available style guides or have total creative reinvention. Because stock photography has its limitations, we prefer to use original photography wherever feasible. Whether the image was taken by our staff or by you, we prefer using original photography. Also,  there are a number of ways to repurpose longer video materials into pieces of shorter length to catch your audience's attention.

Content Publishing

The service of producing useful content for you by scheduling it is one of our social media marketing services that helps save you time and money. Especially for small businesses, it can be difficult to find time to post stuff on all of the different platforms. It isn't the most difficult job, but assigning the content scheduling to the Digital Marketing Company of Waldorf frees you up to do other things such as WORK ON your business and doing other work in your business. Generally, we provide a content calendar, guiding the management and publishing of posts, so you may have an idea of what will be written prior to the article going live, while also giving you the option to make adjustments if necessary.

Campaign and Community Management

If you are just beginning started with social media, it is generally advantageous to assist you in setting up your social media profile. However, many companies need continuous assistance with their social media activity. Helping you get the most out of your social media strategy is part of our approach, and one way we do this is by offering real-time campaign management. Our campaigns, audience, and search engine will keep an eye on the pulse of our campaign, audience, and search to find ways to improve our strategy, content production, and content posting to get new visibility and engagement.

Work With Our Social Media Marketing Company Agency

It is imperative that you be aware of the continuously changing digital marketing environment. Experts, podcasts, and blogs all say that a particular method or practice has been “in” for a week and “out” for the next.

The truth is that digital marketing has much less to do with being “digital” and more to do with “marketing,” based on the fact that internet marketing has developed into a more sophisticated discipline.

Our long-term goal at The Digital Marketing Company of Columbia is to overcome the doubt surrounding successful techniques and use tried-and-true techniques that propel your organization forward. We firmly believe that one must be strongly opposed to the so-called “gurus” who believe in the next “shiny thing” or “quick fix” that promises to ruin email marketing, digital advertising, or SEO.

Basic principles here in this office are what matter.