We are a Maryland-based video production company located in Columbia, that helps your company by creating compelling video content that generates more sales and leads.

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we provide our customers with reliable video production company solutions that help with the following:

Our Video Company Will Develop A Strategy

With our aid, you'll be able to draw in the right individuals, engage them with the proper video content, and disseminate the video for best visibility by conducting research and making a plan.

Our Video Agency Will Create A Dynamic Video

We will produce a personalized video to capture your target audience's attention, to inspire them to take action, and to increase the likelihood of engaging with your products and services.

Our Video Marketing Agency Will Promote Your Video

We use a mix of social media and targeted ads to distribute your film to your target audience, who are most likely to take part in social media discussion and targeted advertising.

Our Video Production Company Services


A "recap" or event teaser can be a brief video advertisement or a music video post-event. A live Multicam feed can be an entire day's filming or a months-long edit if the incident occurs more than once.

Commercial And/or Ad

Video produced for the web can be made into a commercial video if it is sponsored or boosted. It can be in a number of formats, including written creative, documental style, and animated


It's known as an event video, but it has a separate format. There are several scenes recapping the wedding day, including vows and speeches for the audio. The Multicam complete ceremony is an additional piece of services offered.


A customized narrative interview approach. In terms of the content of the work, the basic format of most paid video work is documentary style.

Corporate Video Production

For the most part, "paid video work" is generalized as "corporate video production," yet you can find wildly varying formats for such content. As a general rule, you can have corporate video ranging from a well produced short film, to a long training film.

Real Estate Video

The sheer amount of bells and whistles used, such a steadicam, drone, slider, timelapse, and FX, as well as being over the top and, in essence, showy, help to spotlight a certain piece of real estate. A piece of photography equipment is commonly paired with videography for a full package.

Social Media Typography

A montage of various sights, with text supplying all the information. Audio can be muted so you can listen to music or narration without interference.


There are many forms of educational videos that push a concept or a message, rather than a business. This project may be operated by a single client, yet supported by another business.

Music Video

Acting and lip-syncing to the recording of the performance or wholly creative films. Several customers also request a "music video" instead of a corporate video when they are trying to find a video for a brand, product, or event.

Popular Video Marketing Agency Content Types We Produce:

Try Our Video Agency Services

Our full-service video firm is capable of producing a variety of different types of videos for businesses of all sizes, including but not limited to corporate films, videography services, and other multimedia options.

The Digital Marketing Company of Columbia uses a whole team of videographers who are knowledgeable in all areas of video production, from shooting and directing to scriptwriting and filming. As a backup to our video department, we have a network of freelance on-screen and off-screen talent. By combining the industry’s top-notch equipment, with leading-edge technology and cutting-edge editing tools, we are able to produce award-winning videos that assist with your company’s growth. In order to meet all of our needs, we will quickly source all of the equipment and talent we do not currently have. Please tell us what you need—locations for on-site filming, post-production assistance, animated films, assistance with direction, and screenplay assistance—and we will handle the rest.